Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Personal Storehouse Project Library

This blog contains a library of materials that will support Personal Storehouse Project mentors with training materials that will help them be more successful mentors.  These materials will support both the mentors and those they mentor in their efforts to develop the knowledge and skills needed for self-reliance.

"Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.  No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him.  By his love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person; and even more, he sees that which is potential in him, which is not yet actualized but yet ought to be actualized.  Furthermore, by his love, the loving person enables the beloved person to actualize these potentialities.  By making him aware of what he can be and of what he should become, he makes these potentialities come true."
"A human being is not one thing among others; things determine each other, but man is ultimately self-determining.  What he becomes - within the limits of endowment and environment - he has made out of himself.  In the concentration camps, for example, in this living laboratory and on this testing ground, we watched and witnessed some of our comrades behave like swine while others behaved like saints.  Man has both potentialities within himself; which one is actualized depends on decisions but not on conditions."  "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl